Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Viewmont Vikings Girl's Basketball

Been to a girl's high school basketball game this season?  Well if you haven't, here's what you've been missing...Go Vikings!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Nicki!

I can't believe Nicki will be 17 this week!  She's definitely our busy child and is always on the go, which is MUCH different than how she was as a baby.  She was the most content, easiest, calmest, funniest and happiest baby ever!  She's still happy...most of the time ;) She does have a little moody side, but then she's a girl and probably entitled.  Haha...aren't we all?!  Afterall, she was the only girl in a family of boys for most of her life.  That's bound to make you a little moody now and then!  (Trying to stick up for you "Pickle"!)  She still loves to laugh and make others laugh. (Something which I hope she always does!)  She is quite the ham for sure.  She's still calm.....almost all of the time....sometimes maybe a little too calm!  And as for the easy part....hmmm...let's just say we haven't had a teenager yet that has been easy to raise, but as far as teens go I bet she's fairly high on that scale.   She loves her sports and her friends.  If she's not at some sort of practice than she's hanging out with her friends.  She does have some pretty great friends.  (I'd name you all but I'd be afraid I'd leave someone out!)  She loves to be on the go.  If she has a spare 5 minutes in her day you can bet she'll have plans before you can blink (Rarely which include hanging around the house!)  Oh, and lunch...she LOVES to go out to lunch and even lets Mom tag along every now and then!  Someone once said, "A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend".  My daughters are truly two of my best friends in the world and I thank Heavenly Father every day for our "little" girls.

We love you "Rosie" and hope you have the best birthday ever!!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy 2010!

Wow!  The first week of the new year and I'm already way behind!!!  We had a busy couple weeks with the holidays.  The kids had a nice long winter break and were ready to get back to the school routine.  Well...MOST of them were ready!  We had a great break though!  We spent tons of time together, had a few basketball games, lots of late nights, a few movies,  and we celebrated Hunter's 15th birthday!  For his birthday all he wanted was the driver's manual so he could study and get his learner's permit.  (He had no idea it was free!)  Nicki was more than happy to fill that request for him...with one small hitch...she took out all the pages and replaced them with pictures that she and Tanner drew.  It was hilarious!  The look on Hunter's face was priceless!!!  Nicki later redeemed herself with the actual pages and a case of Vanilla Coke.  Jordan had surgery over the break right before Christmas.  She's doing great, feeling better, and she can breathe again!!!

As we looked back on 2009, we were overwhelmed with the many blessings we received this past year and have so many things to be grateful for.  At the top would have to be my testimony of the gospel and our family.  I would be lost without either one.  I'm convinced I have the best husband and kids in the world!  And what a gift it is to know that our family can be together forever.  We're so very grateful for the blessings we've received as a family in sending Lance on a mission.  It's been absolutely wonderful to see him grow these last few months and to see missionary work in action.  It's been exciting to watch those tender in the gospel blossom and grow in just a few short months.

We're looking forward to 2010 and hope and pray it's one of the best years ever for everyone!