Monday, September 28, 2009

"A Legacy of Love"

Family!  Is there really anything better?  And how well do we actually know our family, know our ancestors and where we came from?  Den and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the memorial service for his Grandma Helen this weekend in Milbrae, CA (pictured here with her sisters, Lee, Audrey, and Joy.  Helen is the young girl in the top center).  What an amazing legacy of love Helen left behind.  What an amazing woman!  What an amazing family!  It was so nice to finally meet Den's aunts, cousins, and family friends and to learn more of that side of the family and spend time with them.  We were also able to drive the few minutes away to Burlingame and see where Den was born and grew up; from the hospital where he was born to the field where he played little league, to the high school where he has MANY fond memories.  How great it was to finally see the things we've heard so much about over the years.  And the stories!  So many many family stories!  It was the perfect weekend and I'm sure Grandma Helen would've loved every second of it.  Family!  Nope, there's nothing better!

Den's Great-Great Grandmother Florence Bills
(Far left)

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