Wednesday, October 14, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: H1N1 Hits The Schofields!

And we were being sooooo cautious!  We even got our regular flu shots the other night for our family night.  Not sure how this happened.  Well,  that's not altogether true.  I am pretty positive it was no doubt from germs at school.  "Nerm" woke up this morning hotter than Haitis, coughing, dizzy, and achey all over.  An early morning call to the doctor (only to find they are booked until next week) sent us driving over to Instacare this morning.  Doctor said he has every symptom in the book and she's 95% positve he has H1N1.  We'll know for sure tomorrow afternoon when his rapid test comes back.  (Which, by the way, doesn't seem very rapid!)  They ran a throat culture to rule out strep just in case.  Sure enough, that was negative.  Poor baby!  Nothing is worse than seeing your little ones sick and knowing there's not a whole lot you can do except try to make them comfortable.  I should mention that the doctor said NOT to give him Tamaflu as they are finding it is causing mental confusion and hallucinations in children.  Hope everyone loves their new matching masks because I think they just became a fashion staple in the Schofield house!  We'll keep you posted!

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  1. Oh poor baby!! I can't believe that! Hope he feels better quickly!