Monday, October 12, 2009

"Warming" Up The House!

Okay, even though I'm not a huge fan of the weather turning colder, I have to say I always look forward to fall because I LOVE making the house feel warm and cozy and decorating the house in those wonderful fall colors.  There's just something about those fall colors and the yummy scent of spiced cider candles that make everything seem a bit more peaceful.  It must be a mom thing!   I remember my mom being the same way.  And though sometimes as wives and moms we might think our efforts to make things feel a little more calm and cozy this time of year go unnoticed, I bet if we were to forego hauling out those boxes with all the fall decorations in it one year we would surely hear about it!  And, in a way, that is recognition enough.  Trust me, they probably look forward to it just as much as we do.  So if you haven't already yanked down those dusty boxes from the garage, or merely scattered some fall leaves on your mantel or dining room table, get up and do it today!  Then light a candle, sit down for a moment and count your many blessings that make your life so "warm."  I promise it will be one of those moments you come to love and look forward to....and your family will too.  "Warming" up the house, one of life's greatest pleasures!


  1. where's all the spooky Halloween decorations??

  2. Oh they're there!! Trust me! The spooky things don't make me feel so warm and fuzzy so I didn't talk about them!!! :)

  3. Hi Kim! Thank you for the wonderful compliments on my blog! I'm so glad you like to stop by. I have a Canon Rebel XS camera. Go on and there's lots of fun stuff to do to your pictures. That's where I edit all of mine (photoshop is over my head!).

    I like this post on Autumntime. Makes me feel all warm and cozy just reading it. You gave me just the little poke I needed to go out in the garage and pull out my decorations!