Monday, November 23, 2009


Okay, chalk this one up for most embarrassing moment!  Or gratitude for an awesome husband and helpful ward members!

So, the story goes like this.  We're sitting there in Sacrament Meeting and it's nearing the end, when Nicki whips out some Smarties and hands a few to Tanner.  I teasingly try to steal one and Tanner quickly draws his hand away.  Dennis reaches behind me and gives Tanner a little tickle-pinch on his side and says something like, "Be nice to Mom."  All very playful!  Well, Tanner has a very strong reflex when Den does this and lurches his head back.  Where does it land?  Right square in the middle of Mom's face!!!  I grab my face and Den quickly asks if I'm okay.  All I could think about was how bad it hurt.  I removed my hands from my face and saw blood. I quickly stood up to walk out and told Den he better follow me.  Good thing we were sitting on the back row!  We made it as far as the foyer when I started feeling dizzy. (Oh why why why didn't I just lay down on the bench??!)  Next thing you know I'm being carried down the hall out of the way of a hall full of people and kids running to primary.  Blood all over me, passed out, and wanting nothing more than to throw up.  Thank heavens we have a million nurses in our ward, a few of which ran to my aide!  Talk about embarrassing moments!!!  After what seemed like forever and a day laying in the hallway with freezing cold and wet papertowels all over my face, arms and hands covered in blood, and various men's suit jackets over me (I was freezing and couldn't stop shaking not to mention my legs had to be held above my head) Den took me home where me and my nose recouped for the rest of the day.  Nicki and Hunter said Tanner was in full blown tears after seeing me walk out of the chapel.  I thought....ahhh...he was probably scared to death!  But....oh no.....apparently he was upset that he was going to be GROUNDED and that's all he could think about!  Nicki said it took a while to calm him down before he could go to primary!  Poor kid!!!  Definitely one to go down in the journal and a BIG lesson in reverence for the Schofield Family!  And I don't even LIKE Smarties!

Needless to say Tanner is NOT grounded and mom and nose are both doing fine.  Eyes may be a little blackish-gray this morning and way tender, but all is well.  Too bad it wasn't the Sunday I had to teach my  lesson!  haha


  1. LOVE IT! (not the pain, but the story) Sounds like a day in our house too!

  2. haha. I never asked Nicki what happened...pretty embarassing I must say.