Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Week...Truly Thankful!

We had an absolutely awesome Thanksgiving!  And talk about busy!!!  It started with Nicki's first basketball game Tuesday night.  They were incredible!!!  Way to go "Pickle"!  Then Jordan got in Wednesday afternoon.  We were so busy I actually don't even remember what we did Wednesday evening!  We were just busy busy prepping for the big day.  Thanksgiving was great.  Everyone pitched in and dinner was fabulous!  The Sister Missionaries came over for dessert and talked and played games with us.  We had no idea Sis. Falemoa was allergice to pecans and she had Butter Pecan Ice-cream!  Her tongue started swelling and we had to call around the neighborhood for some Benadryl.  Never a dull moment at the Schofield's!  She's was laughing about it though and we checked on her the next day and she was just fine.  Whew!  Friday we went to see the movie The Blind Side.  Everyone loved it.  Great story!  Saturday we went to dinner, saw Savior of the World, and saw the Christmas lights on Temple Square.  Nicki gave a great talk in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday.  We can't believe how grown up she is!  Then Sunday afternoon we decorated the tree.  Sunday was also Lance's 21st birthday!  Yeah!  Oh oh....we received a call from a sister he baptized on Friday night.  She wanted a recipe for Mom's infamous wings for Elder Ririe's birthday dinner.  My heart did 20 extra beats when I told her to make him help her with dinner because he KNOWS how to make those wings and she told me he was standing right there!  Oh the temptation!!!!  Really, I was perfectly happy just knowing he was loved and was being looked after by a fantastic family.  And that was pretty much our week.  We were sad to see Jordan go back to school.  It was fun to have the family together again.  Jordan kido, we can't wait for Spring Break!!!!  And a big congrats to Tawni and Terry on their temple sealing!  We're so excited for you and wish so much that we could have been there!

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