Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween to all our "Scoop" family and friends!  We had one of the best Halloween's ever (even with the wind and rain!).  Nerm looked awesome!  Not too shabby for a last minute costume if I do say so myself.  Ha Ha  Being that Halloween landed on a Sunday this year, our neighborhood (most of our state actually...just a perk to living in Utah!) celebrated on Saturday night.  Rosie dressed up as a nerdy basketball player.  She was hilarious!!!  She left for work before I could get her picture and was out of costume by the time she got home to throw her big bash, so I didn't get a picture...but trust was a good one!

We hope you have/had a hauntingly happy Halloween no matter when you celebrate it!!!  And maybe next year we can celebrate it together!  Now THAT would be a party!!!!!!!!

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