Monday, November 22, 2010

He's Coming Home! Let the countdown begin!!!

We just got the news........Elder "Bud" comes home March 7th!!!  Which means his homecoming will mostly likely be March 13th!  So the countdown begins....exactly 15 weeks from today and he'll be home!  I can't believe how quickly the timely has gone by.  I never would've thought that two years could go by so fast.  And the blessings.......I can't even count the blessings we've experienced, seen, and shared.  This will either make our holidays seem like they're lasting a little longer this year (which any other time would be fantastic!  haha) or else they're going to zoom by faster than usual (which in that case there's no way I'll get everything done!)  How thankful we are to have been able to enjoy having a missionary these last two years.  I will miss being a "missionary mom"!  But I think I'm pretty ready to have him home!

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