Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hunter's First Date

If you're one of Hunter's many friends on Facebook, then you've no doubt been watching him count down the days since just about Thanksgiving.  Now most of you probably thought, knowing him as well as you do, that he was counting down the hours till rugby season officially starts.  WRONG!  He's been counting down the days till the high school Christmas dance.....his first date!  Yes, we know it's a little early before he's actually 16 (the officially "dating" age in our home), 17 days to be exact!  But being the loving, understanding, and giving parents that we are (are you reading this kids???) we decided to let him go to the dance.  His date was Kyra and she is absolutely adorable.  They met at youth conference over the summer and became good friends.  I can't believe he's (nearly) 16!!!  And on his first date to boot!  Where does the time go???!!!  I have to say it is fun to have teenagers (well, most of the time!) and I've loved watching them learn and grow.  I just wish it wouldn't have to happen so fast!  And, yes, it is making me feel pretty dang old tonight!  So I'm off to play with "Nerm"!  Good thing we still have him around to keep us young!

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