Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Falling Behind Already?

It's mid January and I've already fallen behind 2011!  I'm not sure where the time goes, but it sure goes by fast. Instead of recapping the highlights of our last year, we thought maybe we should just start by recapping our last month.

1.  Christmas Day phone call from Lance.  This has been the highlight of our holidays the last two years.  This year we were able to take turns talking to Elder Lance for nearly 3 hours.  (I had no idea we had been on the phone that long until we actually hung up!)  Needless to say most of our Christmas afternoon was spent on the phone, but what a fantastic way to spend the day.  He sounded so grown up!  He is doing great, shared some fantastic stories and experiences, and has mixed feelings about his mission coming to an end.  He said going on a mission was the best decision he's ever made and he hasn't regretted one second of it.  As of today he comes home in 7 weeks and 5 days!

2.  Hunter had his first date, turned 16, and got his driver's license (yes, in that order).  LOL...and he's already showing signs of being our most "complex" (did you like that choice of word?  haha) teenager so far.  Oh the joys of growing up!  And why can't they stay little forever?  To all you parents out there, 15 - 18 are the TOUGHEST ages...probably for both teen AND parent.  But as we've seen with 3 other teenagers.....THIS TOO SHALL PASS!!!  LOL....definitely one of those times you want time to fly by!  haha!!  I have to say he is a good kid....he's just going through a "growing up" phase :)

3.  Nicki...her life can be summed up into 3 things.....high school senior year, BASKETBALL, and friends.  This was a busy month for her as she tried to juggle a million different things, but she's having a great time  (and last time I checked last week Viewmont was tied for 4th place in their region).

4.  Jordan had a little surgery before the holidays but she recovered quickly and is doing great.  Near as we can tell (and I think she'd let us know if we were wrong) she's loving college and having a great year.  We didn't get to see her over the holidays this year, but hope she comes home soon!  (Just a mild hint if you're reading this kido  ;)

5.  Tanner.....our little "Nerm" has been dealing with severe migraine headaches (sometimes as many as 3 a week).  I never would've thought that a cute and active little 10 year old could get such horrible headaches.  The one thing he probably inherited from his mom...UGH!  We're trying different things to get them under control; the latest being Topamax, which is actually an anti-seizure medication.  We're keeping our fingers crossed that this is the answer.  Poor kid.  Other than that he's doing great!  His "career decision" THIS month is to be an EMT and work on the LifeFlight team (helicopter air ambulance).  This is the team that literally saved his life when he was born and he says he wants to "give back".  That's our Nerm!

6.  We remodeled that downstairs bathroom!  Yeah!!!  Thanks to our great neighbor Brandon (whom we HIGHLY recommend).  Brandon, you're a life saver and it's awesome!!!

7.  Kim and the boys were able to attend "The Forgotten Carols".  A family tradition since before we were even an official family!  Nicki had basketball and Den was sick with the flu (not a highlight) so they couldn't go, but Sheryl and Derek went in their place.  And as always it was the perfect way to start the holiday season.

8.  Den and I were able to attend the David Archuletta/Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert.  We were able to score some tickets, although standing in line for 2 hours just to get in left us questioning what all the hype was all about.  However, it was very good and we would definitely go again.  I'm not sure who is scheduled for the concert next year, but we will definitely try to get tickets.

9.  The hustle and bustle of the month.  Not that this was a highlight, but it definitely consumed most of my time.  With Den being sick and the kids all being soooo busy, I felt a little bit alone and a lot overwhelmed.  Even though I SWORE this year I'd have everything done by the end of October so I could sit back and relax.  The reward for my efforts?  (Besides of course my family LOVING, noticing and even acknowledging my efforts.....which I know every mom receives from her family every day...right?  HA HA)  My loving, caring, adorable, can't say enough good things about him husband gave me a new cell phone, Belgian chocolate, and a day at the spa for my birthday!  (All I got him was an iPod so I'm feeling like I really have some making up to do!!!) He's incredible, my bestest friend, and I can't even imagine what life would be without him.  Shmily honey!!!!

10.  On Dec 23rd we took the kids to see the production of "Savior of the World", which definitely ALWAYS puts my life into perspective and helps me focus more on the things that are most important in my life; my relationship with my Savior, my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and my family.  An incredible lead into Christmas day and the perfect way to start a new year.

So here's to a new year! We have lots coming up on the calendar already with tons to share.  We look forward to sharing our thoughts, stories, and experiences with all of you throughout the year.
Happy 2011!!!!
With love, The Schofield's

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