Monday, February 7, 2011

Oh, my......February????

Let's try this again!  Who would've thought one little year could start out soooo busy!!!!

Elder "Bud" comes home in almost EXACTLY (who's counting minutes????) 4 weeks from today!  He's still doing great, keeping busy, and writes that he's actually terrified to come home.  Ahhhh!  Poor kid!  I'm sure lots of missionaries feel the same way.  Just think, for two years you have your whole life scheduled and planned out....every minute of every day.  And teaching the gospel is your full time job.  Then to come home and be "dumped" right back into life.  All of a sudden all of your structure is turned upside down, you have to get a job, get into college (and find a way to pay for it), and enter back into "real" life.  I can't even imagine!  But it will be GREAT to have him home again!  I guess we better get started on putting his room back together SOON!  Although when we talked to him at Christmas he mentioned going back to Eastern Washington to go to school.  He might not be home for long, but we'll definitely take what we can get.

"Kido" is still loving college and tells us she will never live anywhere other than California again!  You can definitely tell she's got that California blood!  She's doing great in school and she just moved into a new house with her Mom.  There's always a new adventure around the corner when we talk to her (which Mama Kimi thinks isn't quite enough!!  The talking that is...not the new adventures!!  LOL)  She's a tough one to keep up with!  She's always on the go and has such an adventurous spirit.  I think its just about time she ventured this way for a visit though.  We miss ya kido!  :) (and HINT!)

"Rosie" got accepted to Utah State (her school of choice!).  She said it wasn't such a big deal, but she is the first of the kids to receive an actual college acceptance letter, so of course Mom had to make a tiny big deal out of it.  Her other choices are Weber (which she's actually already enrolled in due to taking some CE classes her junior and senior years), and University of Utah (the last choice on BOTH our lists!!!)  The family of one of her best friends is purchasing a home in Logan as they'll have two daughters attending there next year.  Nicki was graciously invited to live with them in the house.  They brought over pictures of it last night.  It's a WAY nice 3 bedroom 2 bath townhouse.  There will be 6 girls living there.  Nicki is so excited she can hardly stand it!  I have no idea how she's going to make it all work, but she's a woman with a watch out!  And her basketball team is currently ranked 5th in region (region 1), so we're keeping our fingers crossed that this means she can end the year with a play off game at state!  Tomorrow is the last home game, which is typically dubbed "senior's night" where all the seniors on the team get a special tribute.  Yeah, you KNOW I'm gonna cry!  This is just one more step to her becoming an adult, leaving the nest, and living her dreams.  I'm so excited for her!

"Bruce" is just starting a new rugby season.  He's been waiting for this all year!  He's doing great in school this year and sounds like he's become quite the little man on the high school campus.  I guess the girls go for that strong silent type these days, because for such a shy little guy he sure always has a date on the calendar, someone on the phone, or a text jingle going off.  And, yes, 99% of the time it's a girl!  He's having a great year.  I think he's planning on working at Lagoon again this summer, at least until something else comes along.  He's not real excited about it, but we told him these days a job is a job!  I'm sure he'll like it once he actually starts back, which can you believe is in just a few weeks?  Could it be?  Does that mean summer is really just around the corner?  Wow...that little thought was a better perk than an entire case of Diet Pepsi!

"Nerm" is doing fantastic.  Things are picking up with school and his headaches seem to be doing better.  We had to start him on Topamax as his migraines were getting a little hard for him to handle on his own.  I was a little apprehensive about it, but it's been a month now and so far he's doing great and tons better than he was.  He's little Mr. Popular at school.  You can't walk down any hall without someone saying hi or stopping him to chat.  He's been quite the little ham in the class plays this year.  His latest play was about the revolution and the Boston Tea Party.  He got to play a British soldier.  At first he wasn't too happy to have to be the bad guy, but he jumped into the role and made the best of it.  I'll post pictures soon!  He's excited for baseball season that's just around the corner.  And his latest subject that he never tires of talking about is wanting to be an EMT and work on the LifeFlight helicopter.  He says he wants to give back.  Ahhhh....okay....another tear!  Where did we get such incredible kids?!!!  They amaze me every day.  What a blessing they are!

That gets you caught up a little on the Schofield family.  Sorry for the long once a month blogging, but at least you're up to date so far for the year!  Oh, and Elder "Buds" homecoming will be March 13th.  We'll let you know the time and the place in a couple weeks, as we were just informed yesterday that our ward boundaries are going to change in 2 weeks.  So stay tuned for the time and place!

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