Monday, February 1, 2010

It's the small and simple things...

This year our stake presidency gave us a challenge to "Come unto Christ by consistently obeying him in small and simple things."  We decided that one of the small and simple things we would work on would be holding regular Family Home Evenings.  This is no small feat in our home, let me tell ya!  We decided to start the year by sharing the stake presidency's message with our family and this has been the "theme" in our Family Home Evenings for the past month.  (Which we now actually refer to as "Family Home Morning".  Since we don't have church until 2:00 now, we've decided to take advantage.  I have to say it's worked out better than I thought...and much less stressful than trying to find an evening where everyone is home.  And breakfast is our favorite refreshment!)  We've been talking about how "through small and simple things great things shall come to pass".  For the month of January we decided to focus on doing small and simple things through service.  We challenged our family to do a small and simple act of service each week and then report back the following week.  It's been fun to hear the different things they've done throughout the month.  But I think the biggest reward has been watching them grow as they learn the importance of service and being an example to others.  In the beginning we heard a few moans and groans and they didn't think this was going to be a great experience, but they've since been excited to report back on their little acts of service throughout the month and their attitudes about service have changed completely.   It was Nicki's turn to give the lesson yesterday.  She did a fantastic job.  At the end of her lesson she presented the family with an empty jar and gave us the challenge of continuing to do the small and simple things, but this time when we did something she wanted us to put a small coin into the jar.  When the jar is filled through our acts of small and simple service, then we will go out as a family and get a special treat.  It was my thinking that this month we would move on to a different "activity", but they've had such a great time doing this that they want to keep it going.  This has taught me a huge the "small and simple" thing of trying to be obedient in having our Family Home Evening, we have had a fantastic experience, have been able to watch our children learn and grow in the gospel, have been able to watch them grow to love simply serving others, and as a family we truly feel closer to Christ.  That jar, that small and simple jar, now sits on our kitchen counter as a reminder to not only serve others, but that obedience truly does bring forth blessings.

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