Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Goodbye Sis. Falemoa!

I had the wonderful opportunity yesterday of spending my day with one of our favorite sister missionaries, Sis. Falemoa.  It was her last day in the mission field before she leaves home for Samoa and she asked me to be her companion for the day.  What a day we had!  I came home last night completely exhausted and with a new appreciation for everything these missionaries do!  If I could only have half their energy!  And I have to say it made me miss our Elder Lance even more.  We got started early and spent the first part of the day at the mission office getting everything in place for her long trip home and her exit interview with Pres. Olson.  She's so cute...she gave away all of her clothes!  She had absolutely nothing to wear home.  It's just part of her culture.  I've never met a more generous person.  She just didn't think to save something to wear home.  Plus most all of her clothes were warm winter clothes (Her last area was in cold old Logan and she definitely won't be needing them in Samoa!)  The dress she wore yesterday was borrowed from another sister missionary.  So we had to stop at Target and get her something she could wear home.  Then the rest of the day was spent visiting many fantastic people that she's met while on her mission here in Utah; members, non-members, and recent converts alike. She even made us stop by Nicki's track practice so she could tell her goodbye in person.  She touched so many people in her short 18 months that she served! 

We'll miss Sis. Falemoa with her strong testimony of the gospel,bright smile, and infectious (loud) laugh.  (Oh if you could only hear her laugh!)  But we know her family is anxious for her to return home.  Sis. Falemoa, I loved being your "Mission Mom"!  Alofa atu Moimoi!!

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