Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Week in the Life of this Mom~

She rushes to get everyone ready, and SMILING for church.
Graduation party for neighbor
Cleans the house
Updates missionary's blog
Updates family blog
Mails mother's day cards (she remembered) and writes a note to family Elder Ririe is staying with
Mails packages to missionary son and college student daughter

Takes a walk (hopes it won't be the only one of the week!)
Calls her mother back
4th grade field trip
Looks in on a neighbor who needs her company
Calls insurance and cable companies 
No less than 3 trips to the grocery store
Plans menu (should have done that BEFORE grocery store)
Attends last minute Athlete of the Month breakfast
Glances at the calendear....2 baseball games, 3 rugby practices, 4 rugby games, 2 track meets...She can't possibly get to them all...but she really tries to do her best!
Homework police
Manages to sneak in time to finish a book
Book gives her nightmares and she's awake all night
Colors her gray...wondering the entire time just how she got it in the first place
Prepares 7 dinners...okay maybe 6
15 lunches
Meets a friend for a morning out (hall pass!)
Agree to be on a family team for "Walk for the Cure" on Saturday.
Buys pink shirts for the walk
Everyone bails on the walk....she's still determined she's doing it.
Prepares Sunday School lesson...nerves are already twitching and she still has 4 days to go
Starts planning bike trip with hubby
Gift for band teacher
Receives mother's day card from makes her day!
Thinks about Mother's Day this weekend and loves how they get soooo excited and secretive about the whole thing.
Looking forward to call from her missionary son on Sunday
Countless hugs and prayers.....kisses if she can sneak them in.
Takes time to reflect on how much she really does love her life
And it's only Thursday   :)

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