Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's Almost Here!!!!

It's almost here.....summer!  No more school!  No more homework!  No more carpool!  No more parent projects!  No more sporting events 5 days a week!  No more rushing kids around to practices!  No more freezing in the not-so-very-warm-freeze-your-tootsies-off Utah spring weather!  Don't get me wrong....we actually do love most all of this, but there comes a time when a little break in the action would be nice!

Speaking of action....what a week we had last week!  Nicki ended up placing 5th in region for javelin.  And Viewmont ended up taking 4th in state.  Way to go girls!  Hunter's rugby team ended up taking 2nd in state.  What a championship game that was!!  I've never seen these guys play that hard and that aggressive.  They were tied at the end of the game 20 - 20 sending it into a 10 minute overtime.  At the end of the ten minutes neither team had scored.  So it went into a kicking round.  They selected 5 players from each team.  Each player was allowed one free kick.  Highland made 4 out of 5 kicks to D.C's 2 out of 5 kicks making the final score Highland 24 to D.C's 22.  They put up a good fight though and Hunter had a great season.  He said the best thing about NEXT season is that Lance will be home to see him take 1st in state!  The "Nerm" is still tied for 1st place in baseball.  Just a few more weeks till the playoffs.  We hope his little team can keep it up.  Some games they prove to be the luckiest little little league team we know - squeaking by with nearly impossible wins.  Keep it up Rays!

That's about it for our update.  We did have a fan-tab-ulous phone call with our missionary on Mother's Day!  It was great to be able to talk to him.  He's doing awesome and sends his love.  41 more weeks to go  :)

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