Tuesday, June 29, 2010

RAYS of Sunshine!

The Rays take first place in the little league championships for the Farmington Baseball League - Mustang Division!  What a fun-tastic championship game!  They ended up playing against the Angels, the only team they lost to all season.  It was a close game that went into extra innings, but those little Rays pulled it off.  You've never seen a prouder or more excited group of little guys in your whole life.  Nerm was just beaming for days.  He's received medals before, but this was his first ever trophy.  He played a great game.  He flinched a little when a very rude dad from the other team started heckling him when he was up to bat, but Nerm showed him and made it to first base on a walk.  Of course, "Mean Man" poked the wrong mama bear at that game and received a few words.  (Not to worry - I was as polite as I could be!)  Then I yelled at Nerm  for good luck.  The next pitch was a ball that Nerm let go right by and he got the walk to first.  He strutted to first base with the biggest smile on his face  No apology was necessary from Mr. Mean - Nerm making it to first base was good enough! The season couldn't have ended better.

Good job Rays!!!!

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