Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Schools Out for the Summer!!!

Are we excited or what????  Two more days of school for some of us....four for others...but we all feel the same way!  It's about time!!!  We've been waiting for this forever!  The kids leave on Friday for a Hawaii vacation for two weeks.  I'm sure they'll have a blast!  Den and I are looking forward to having the house to ourselves for a couple weeks and taking a little ike trip to Jackson Hole for a few days.  Crossing our fingers that Mother Nature cooperates and we don't get any rain.  Have to say I think we're all a little sick of the rain and snow this year!!  I'm sure we'll have tons of pictures to post in the upcoming few weeks.  Share your vacation plans and summer parties with us!
We'd love to hear what everyone has planned!
Here's to a FUN-tastic summer!!!

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