Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School 2010!

Okay, so we were all just being happy little monkeys swinging in our tree and teasing Mr. Alligator, when suddenly.... S N A P!  No more monkey's swinging in the tree.  Think I've already spent way too many weeks in nursery? can you tell?!!!  But that's what this morning felt like.  We were all just happily doing our thing and enjoying the summer; knowing the entire time that this "alligator"..aka...the school year was quietly lurking behind us but never admitting it was dangerously close.  And it literally seems like it just popped up out of no where and caught us by surprise.  But this first morning back to school went off without a hitch and it almost seemed like we had never left our morning routine.  There were a few minor adjustments here and there, but all in all I have to say it wasn't a bad first day back to school.  There was even a kiss of fall in the air which was almost a welcome feeling.  Notice I said ALMOST!

Rosie and Bruce got off to a good start this morning, even though Mom had to practically tie them down to get their annual first day of school picture.  The idea was met with swarms of "Really Mom?...Really!!!  But afterward I swear I saw Rosie skipping to the car (in her skinny jeans and flats no less, which she looks absolutely ADORABLE in!).  And don't tell her I told you!  Bruce was nervously excited and boy did he ever look handsome.  I had to think to myself, "When did he get so tall and WHERE did he get those broad shoulders?"  Then Nerm and I had an hour or so together by ourselves.  The cutest 5th grader lil man ever.  I'm sure you'll agree!  He was probably the most nervous out of all of them.  His teacher seemed very nice and his classroom looked great.  It was just sad to see him sooooo nervous.  It actually brought tears to my eyes and I had to tell him my allergies were acting up (which was actually half the problem - I'm pretty positive!)  I also got a little sad thinking I only have one more year of dropping a wee one off in their classroom for their first day of school.  The time really does fly by!  It feels like just last week I was dropping Lance off for his first day of Kindergarten.  So for all you moms out there who dropped off their little ones today for their first day of school, wipe away the little tear, open a can of diet Pepsi, and jot something down about your first day of back to school morning.  Because happy or sad, you'll want to remember it exactly just like it was for the rest of your life.  And I promise it really is one of the sweetest memories you'll have -  Even if it means closing the doors to another great summer!

P.S.  And don't forget to take those height measurements of the kids inside the pantry door today!  Another memory that will literally last a lifetime!

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