Sunday, August 22, 2010

Last Lazy Days of Summer! (Pineview)

If summer has to absolutely come to an end, I can't think of a better way to spend the last few days of it than relaxing at the lake soaking up the sun and being together as a family.  (Love the view from our deck?  And Lance and Jordan we MISSED YOU!!!)  We played, we ate, we relaxed, we ate, we soaked up some rays, ate some more, sat in the hot tub, swam in the pool, watched hot air balloons float by from our deck, played on the "beach, and had one heck of a "Hit the Deck" tournament (sorry Nerm!), and watched movies. Oh...and did I mention we ate!!!  Nobody wanted to leave our little condo haven on the lake and we can't wait to get back there.  I think we're recharged and roarin to go for the new school year.  Well, everyone except for Mom - she would be in heaven if it were summer vacation every day of the year!  But for now, she'll take a deep breath, close her eyes, think happy thoughts, and get ready for homework heck, parent projects, and last minute "but Mom its due in the morning" moments.  And she'll do it with a smile (at least when she knows someone is looking) knowing that it will seem at any minute they will all be graduating and out of the house and these "precious" hectic days of scholastic chaos will all be over.  So lets all enjoy it while we can.  Another school year is just around the corner.....ready or not they shall be taught!

Hope you enjoy the pictures of our Schofield Family Retreat Week!!!
Maybe next year you can join us!

They have the same gorgeous blue eyes!!!

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