Thursday, September 9, 2010

For Missionary Moms

In The Wink of an Eye
~Michael McClean~

With the wink of an eye I'll be home,
Just you won't take all that long.
Though I'm not really sure what's behind this new door,
I'll cling to your love while I'm gone.
With the wink of an eye  I'll be home,
And I'll show you the treasures I've found.
And I hope that you'll see that these changes in me,
Are ones that will make you proud.

As am I'm leaving I feel sure,
We've all gone through leaving home before.

 With the wink of an eye I'll be home,
And we'll laugh, and we'll hold, and we'll cry.
For this veil of tears isn't measured in years,
It's all with the wink of an eye.
The wink of a heavenly eye.

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