Sunday, August 9, 2009

The scoop of the week!

We had a super fun awesome week when our "California Cousins" came to stay with us this week...complete with Aunt Tawni, Uncle Terry, and Kristi n Chris. They all came up to Utah for Sheryl's big wedding "pre"-ception ;) We had a houseful...but oh what a great time we all had. The whole gang stayed with us on Tuesday night, and then just the Williquette's (Kristi's family) stayed through Friday. Can I just say what a bunch of adorable nieces and nephews I have! (Even if Hayden did call me Grandma...which I am taking as the biggest of compliments!!!) Tanner had a blast hanging out with Sarah and Miranda. They even got to sleep out in the tent. I only wish I'd gotten pictures of that!!! Hayden and Jonathan are two of the cutest little monkey's I've ever seen...and happy every minute of the day....unless you take their hotwheels away!

It was a busy week with the bridal shower and all the party prepping...but it was great to see everyone. We only wish we had more time to play! And we totally missed Tara, Josh, and Dakota!!! Hopefully we'll get to see them soon.

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