Saturday, August 22, 2009

Schofield's, Sleepless in Seattle!!!

This year for our family vacation we flew out to see Pam and Al (Den's mom and stepdad) in La Conner (San Juan Islands), Washington just north of Seattle in the gorgeous Puget Sound. What an amazing place! There was so much to see and do that we just couldn't fit it all in in just a few days. We started off at the boat show as soon as we reached La Conner. La Conner is a quaint little town that reminded us a little of Carmel...lots of little shops and a little marina. Pam and Al's backyard has some of the best views we've ever seen..and the blackberries!!! Ask Tanner about all Grandma Pam's blackberries! YUM!

We spent the next 2 days being tourists in Seattle. What a fun place! Day 1 we rode the monorail into downtown Seattle, went to Pikes Market where we strolled the streets and bought doughnuts at the famous Daily Dozen (If you like a LOT of grease, they were pretty good).

Then it was off to the Seattle Aquarium, lunch at Ivar's (famous for their chowder, which even Tanner ate and loved!), and then to tour the 605 ft tall Space Needle. Words can't describe!

The next day we went on The Underground Tour. We first saw this on Ghost Hunters on the Discovery Channel, so it was a must do. This was one of the neatest things we did. We learned lots of Seattle history and saw some really cool things. No ghosts though!

After that it was off to ride The Ducks! This was hilarious!!! It's a land and water tour of Seattle on these old WWII boats that were part truck part boat. Our Captain (driver) was hilarious and had us pretty much rolling in the isles. We sang, danced in our seats, quacked (yes, we actually had kazoo quackers) and laughed our way through Seattle. Highly recommended if you're ever in the area. We hadn't laughed that hard in a long time!!!

On the way home to La Conner we stopped at Snowgoose Produce where we had the most immodest ice-cream cones ever!! (Yes, we had to get in our ice-cream!) These things were waffle cones with at least an entire quart of ice-cream on them. The best blackberry ever!

Day 3 was spent at the beach at Deception Point as well as Cranberry Lake. It was an absolute beautiful day! It's this little spot where one side of the parking lot is the actual ocean and the other side of the parking lot is Cranberry Lake. We combed the shore for shells and rocks, explored tide pools and ate a picnic lunch.

Then it was off to the lake side where Kim and the kids rented a pedal boat and pedaled around the lake for a while. A nice relaxing day. We could've spent days here!

Our last day there we took a ferry from Anacortes (home to the late Burl Ives) to tour San Juan Island and stopped at Friday Harbor for the day where Dennis and I found true love. Yes...the place we want to retire!!! Friday Harbor is home of the best whale watching sites from land in the U.S. Although we didn't see a single whale, the news the night before reported that the ferry traffic was backed for hours due to the number of whales in the harbors. We drove out to the Lavendar farm, went Letterboxing (thanks for the idea Kristi!), watched for whales, and played in the tide pools at Lime Kiln Point. Then shopped and ate dinner before getting on the ferry ride home to pack.

Thanks so much to Grandma Pam, Al, and Kristen for letting us come play with them. We will always cherish our memories of swimming, picking blackberries, Friday Harbor, playing in Seattle, and best of all.........BEING TOGETHER!!!!

P.S.... Lance and Jordan....we missed you :)

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